Style and beauty: what do they mean to me? My grandmother was a go-getter who marched to the beat of her own drum and my mother was a major style influencer on me. They both encouraged me to become involved in modeling, cheer, dance, piano, you name it! But from day one I was obsessed with STYLE. As the late great French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent said, "fashion fades but style is eternal". 


My own style has always leaned toward the more fashion forward - a bit trendy but nothing too over the top - and as a Heyman Talent Artists Agency model I've had the opportunity to show the world that women of any age can be whatever they want to be. And finally, I'm thrilled to be the newest brand ambassador for the fabulous line of Sarah Belle Jewelry (much of what I'm wearing on the site are her designs). Run, do not walk, to her website and use promo code DARLIN at checkout to receive 15% off your purchases!


My beauty regimen is all about skin and hair care. While I love makeup, these days I strive for a fresh, natural look, which means great skincare products - serums, moisturizers, sunscreens and oils - a bit of mascara  and brow gel,  along with gentle, nourishing haircare items (I've always had long hair and treat it with great care).

I try to stick with gluten-free products as much as possible and my favorites include Dermalogica, Hempz, Malibu C, Josie Maran, Paul Mitchell, Skinmedica, and Renessence. If I do want a bit of oomph for my face I'll go all out and dig through the big bin of makeup I have for the full face look. I’m currently obsessed with Flekk Cosmetics which is all about easy and simple steps to look natural or 'all dolled up' as I call it! 

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And last but not least, style is so much more than your taste level or what you wear. For me it is also about finally feeling confident in my skin at my age. After struggling with body image issues and not feeling very sexy after my rapid weight loss due to Celiac disease, for a really long time I didn’t feel womanly because - let's not mince words here - I lost my boobs and my butt.


But working through my issues with a therapist, body positive barre3 classes, and meditation I can honestly say I am much more mindful about seeking validation because of who I am, not for the way I look. I now firmly believe that confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear.

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