Welcome to my new "NSD Crew View" Blog & meet my first guest of the new season, Kim White!

"Where's all my soul sistas?

Lemme hear ya'll flow, sistas!

Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, flow sista

Hey sista, go sista, soul sista, go sista!"

Why am I kicking off the new season of my Not So Darlin 'Crew View' blog and podcast with lyrics from the classic "Lady Marmalade"? Because Season 3's first guest is a true soul sister: Life/performance coach Kim White, who not only has kept me focused while remaining fearless and fabulous over 40, but also is a dear friend.

Call her an Influencer, Motivational Speaker, Performance Coach or The Energy Lady (what her hubby calls her!) but regardless of her many titles Kim has taught me to keep going no matter my age, because as we both firmly believe you're never too old to start! Failures don’t define us and take it from her, who after 40 became a coach, fitness instructor and a mom, that is the truth! She is an expert at late blooming and as a fellow late bloomer, our connection was heaven sent!

Check out our podcast conversation here, be sure to visit Kim online at, and stay tuned for upcoming episodes which will take our "motley crew" of GenXers, Millennials and Boomers on a series of awesome, eye-opening journeys through summer 2022!

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