Put the pedal to the metal on your marriage with Deanna Bryant!

Does your marriage need a little reviving up (honestly, whose doesn't)? My NSD podcast guest this week, Deanna Bryant does just that! To rejuvenate your midlife marriage and tackle those hard convos with your spouse, look no further because her soothing voice & sage advice eases any woes and creates a safe space for discussion. She even shares motherhood advice for empty nesters.

Deanna is a midlife marriage strategist & relationship coach for midlife couples who find their marriages at a crossroads when the kids are older or grown up. Her business is 'Revive Your Midlife Marriage' at and she spent 25 years as an educator before making a major life change when she went back to school to become a coach. In trying to figure out her niche of coaching, she recognized her passion was midlife couples like she and her husband. In midlife, they had gone through a particularly tough time as many couples do. And while the love and commitment were there, there were issues they simply didn't have the skills to address alone. That said, they sought outside help to repair their relationship and this eye-opening experience birthed - so to speak - her passion for helping midlife couples.

I’ve learned so much from listening to her own podcast that I just had to have her on my podcast this week to share with my audience. You're gonna enjoy listening and learning a lot know from our conversation which covers a multitude of marital territory. And be sure to sign up for your opportunity to be one of my 'perfect is lame crew' members on a future NSD podcast episode!



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