My NSD 40+ Photo Tips & Tricks

Updated: May 17

As a working model over 40, I'm doing my damnedest to bust age barriers wide open. And believe me, in the beauty and fashion industry - let's face it, EVERY industry and in real life nowadays - the age police are everywhere. Granted 40+ is not ancient, far from it (I’m 44), and I firmly believe we need to embrace those years of learning, growing, and yes, surviving.

I’m in front of the camera a lot and I can understand how many women don’t like having their pictures taken. Depending on the day when we look at ourselves in photos we may see a supermodel in the making and other times a super freak! And since we all know that with age comes a lot of changes, in photos our bodies and face are the first things we notice. But it shouldn’t stop you from feeling confident in front of the camera, you just have to become comfortable within by learning how to reposition yourselves before someone clicks a pic.

Click through the above collage to check out my modeling portfolio.

I have fallen victim when viewing celebs and other Instagram bloggers’ accounts that showcase their youthful, glowing skin. I also admit to having a little work done here and there, but no matter how much I get done I will never look or be 20 again and that’s OK. Actually, I feel sexier and more confident now than I did in my twenties. How? I have embraced my imperfections like my wrinkly knees and a lot of loose skin pretty much all over my body. I’ve also grown to love these large set of ears that God created and to tell you the truth, I’ve never been self-conscious about them, so much so that I plastered my nickname of “Ears” on my senior handout photo that should have actually read “Tonya”! You see I love being different, whether it’s the way I dress, my “Dumbo” ears, or my poor grammar and pronunciation skills (cue my motto: Not So Darlin).

So over the years I've been modeling I’ve come up with my own tips and tricks when posing for photos at 40+. I know you're "all ears", so check them out:

  • Shoulders back, chest out but not too obvious.

  • Don’t suck in so much that you look like you’re trying out for the damn football team’s linebacker position! Just slightly pull your core in which ultimately makes you stand up straighter.

  • Head up but not like you're searching for Jesus! Look straight ahead as if you're looking directly at Him. Chin up buttercups, we want to elongate the neck.

  • While smiling is fun try fake laughing like you just heard your husband says “I’m gonna go to the grocery for you” (that one really makes me LOL because my hubby Brian needs actual photos of each item to purchase; y’all should have seen it when he went while I was in COVID quarantine!).

OK, that's it for this entry because you know I’m not gonna spill all the tea on one post (i.e. stay tuned) but like Britney I want to go that extra mile for you and keep you rockin’ while the cameras are poppin’. So keep your eyes peeled for my eblasts, website entries and Instagram posts because as a NSD crew member I want you to always stay informed and intrigued enough to say #gimmemore!

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