Welcome to my Not So Darlin podcast, a platform on which my guests and I have totally honest, no-holds-barred conversations without taking life too seriously or trying to be perfect because let’s face it, perfect is LAME!

Wanna join the 'perfect is lame' crew and be a guest? We're a "Motley Crue" of GenXers, Millennials, and Boomers who don't accept that life ends at 40. We believe that whether you're reassessing or completely starting over - careers, relationships, whatever - you're not done! We're all still current, creative, and relevant and we do not limit our beliefs by complacency or settling for anything less than what our hearts desire.


All it takes is authentically being yourself behind the mic and sharing your not so darlin moments with the world. So come on, click that button below and let's raise a little hell and ruffle a few feathers!