Welcome to my website! For starters you may be asking what does 'Not So Darlin' mean? More on that as you navigate the site ;-)  


My name is Tonya, a Kentucky-born girl, wife, and a stay-at-home mom of a very sharp teenage son. But here's the thing: while I have loved owning those titles I'm starting to embrace my own identity and discover everything life has to offer outside of that. Come along for the ride as I navigate being a woman in her 40s trying to find her passion in 2020, a year that's been a shit show for most, but one which for me has actually been pretty great! Why? Thanks to being positive, open to change, and growing from our 'new normal'. I dove in head first at the beginning of the year and took a chance by starting my own Not So Darlin podcast which I host so I could share things with like-minded women and men.

Believe me, it's been an incredible experience and has also helped me with so many different things that pop up in life including the healing process for my Celiac disease, which ultimately developed into an eating disorder. But that's just the tip of the iceberg and I promise the pages that follow will be filled with desire, hope, and everything good in life!